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Featured Business: Kim Balmains Art

Your Local Featured Melbourne Art Classes Business

Welcome to Kim Balmains Art - Your Local Art Classes

At Kim Balmains Art we offer a wide range of services to the Melbourne community for all students who are interest in learning or enhancing their skills with our art classes. Whether you are looking for kid's workshops, mini art class courses or just to meet new artists, Kim Balmains Art is the perfect solutions.

About Kim Hope Balmain

Born to artists, I was destined to follow in my parents footsteps. My childhood studies were a mixture of lessons from both John and Muriel Balmain and observation of the many artists that we visited as a family unit. I spent many an hour at the Victorian Artists Society studying the works of professional artists of that time and quietly sat and listened to the adult conversations and lectures on painting.

This is where the beginning of my passion for art and teaching began. If you are interested in finding our more information about are art classes, call (03) 9504 5604.

Art Classes & Services:

  • Art Classes
  • Abstract, Contemporary, Impressionist & Realist Painting
  • Pastel, Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Water Colour, Gouache
  • All Art Materials Supplied
  • Fully Equipped for up to 10 Students
  • Studio/Gallery Sales
  • Commissioned Artwork
  • Portraits
  • Installation Art

Further Information About Kim Balmains Art:

At Kim Balmains Art the practice of tonal painting opens a vast array of styles. Whether you have a preferred style of painting or wish to learn new techniques we are here to teach you. We offer the training in painting techniques including realism, abstract, contemporary or a combination of these principles the groundwork remains the same.

The studio retains the traditional teaching ethics of the family business. I believe that everyone can paint if shown the correct approach to their art. Best of all I can prove it.

Kim Balmains Art is here to create artists. Whether your interests are for professional or personal gratification, we produce artists. This is the promise we make to all of our clients which are taking the time to enhance your skills or learn something new.

For more information about our classes call (03) 9504 5604.

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